Though spellbinding melodies and mind-floating production never go amiss when it comes to Misha, Kaisha, the duo travel to realms anew in their brand new single, “Imagination”. On a ride of lo-fi beats, Kaisha takes us on a trip through the multiverse where giant lime wedges, chickens and koi fish are in abundance. Perfectly depicting the fun-flavoured nature of their artistry, the music video for “Imagination” sparks exactly that — allowing everyday troubles to dissipate within its warm and sparkling atmosphere.

With Misha standing firmly at the keys, the producer ensures every bar is accompanied by an ethereal vibe, inviting listeners to settle into Kaisha’s ecstasy-laced vocals. And, as the end of the visual sees Misha setting off into the abyss, the duo leave listeners with one simple mantra: let go and give in to whatever your mind desires.

Serving as the ultimate teaser for Misha’s forthcoming EP “Nocturnal” due later this year, it is safe to say “Imagination” has successfully piqued our interest. And, with Kaisha set to perform at the Prince Albert on August 31st, we know exactly where we will be heading next.

To stream the music video for “Imagination” now, head below. To book your tickets for Kaisha’s upcoming gig, click here