Singer, songwriter, and producer, CAii clearly is not lacking in talents, however, she still struggled to overcome raging stage fright when she decided to pursue music following a chemistry degree. On new single “Communicate”, she grapples with just that, communication, an art that can be as terrifying to many as stepping up on stage to perform to a crowd.

“The message is that communication is key in relationships and to reach out to the people who love you when you feel trapped inside your own head,” CAii says. “It’s for anyone who finds themselves trying to guess what their partner is thinking and a condemnation of the ‘strong silent type’ stereotype we often project in this country.”

Aside from conquering communication, and hopefully her fears of live performing, the exciting Manchester talent is expanding her creativity with a new live event in her home City, the iconically-titled “Pop Tarts Hangover Club”. It’s aimed at showcasing genres outside the traditional Mancunian indie sound, including the likes of pop, neo-soul and R&B. However, right now we are hooked exclusively on her addictive new track, with lyrical prowess, feminist undertones, and smart production to rival the likes of Tate McRae.

Hear our new favourite alt-popstar, right now, by listening to “Communicate”, below…