UK-based Zoe Konez‘s new single, “Easy to Learn,” is a really peaceful and beautiful indie folk song that is charmingly soothing.

The song begins with a light, dreamy atmosphere that establishes the mood for the entire track. The song is beautifully built around a warmly finger-picked acoustic guitar that gives a gentle rhythm over the main sections. There is a bright reverberated atmosphere that pads the song. Konez’s vocals are delicate and breathy, and they wonderfully complement the rich vocal layers present throughout the song. The addition of the sound of the waves gives even more peace to the already serene atmosphere.

The song’s lyrics discuss resilience and how crucial it is to have it throughout life. “Easy to Learn” ultimately exudes hope and positivity, despite the melancholy undertone that suggests a lack of fortitude during her own difficult childhood. The new arrival to her family gives her hope of a future where everyone is treated with love and respect. The song feels really heartfelt and beautiful– the decision to produce the song as a warm “hug” of a sound, with layers of vocal supporting one another to communicate the song’s delicate yet potent vibe, was deliberate. It is clear that Konez is a remarkable storyteller, in addition to a gifted musician.