Middle Part‘s collaboration with Yuno on “Chinatown” is a contagious pop song that displays the musicians’ talent for creating a catchy and anthemic melodies and arrangements.

Before launching into the synth-heavy sound, the song opens with a drum groove with a great EQ effect that makes the production sound as though it is coming towards you. The synths are masterfully composed and key out the melody of the song while also pulsing and enhancing the overall mood. They are bright and give the song a really approachable indie pop feel. The addition of the guitar gives the composition a good, gritty groove that goes well with the bright synth keys, while the bass adds a deep and growling undertone.

The usage of ear candy in “Chinatown” is outstanding, with great panning and tape-stop effects that give the production a lively and joyful feel. Middle Part and Yuno both give outstanding performances on the vocals, which are another notable aspect of the song. The vocals have a great deal of personality and provide a modern indie pop vibe that sounds appealing, familiar but also new.

Particularly rousing is the anthemic-like choruses, which have been designed like the main synth hook to stick in your head after just one hearing. The supporting vocals truly help the lead to stand out and also give a great width to the arrangement. The lyrics deal with the theme of burnout that can result from living in a big city.