There is nothing that soothes our souls quite like the chiming synths and nostalgia-driven tunes of Maud’s experimental soundscape. And offering us a beacon of fresh material, she drops her sparkling new EP, “In My Haven”. Underpinned by themes of self-belief, empowerment and self-discovery, the six-track cut acts as the musical equivalent of a pep talk from a friend — uplifting listeners with bright and energy-charged melodies and optimistic lyricism.

Blending euphoric 90s pop with subtle trap beats, each track acts as a continuation of the other — while maintaining a unique personality when played on their own. From the stratospheric instrumentals of “Hope U Don’t Forget Me” to the anthemic baselines of “Rollercoaster” and “Rollercoaster Pt. 2”, Maud ensures her kaleidoscopic range is present in every thread of the EP.