With or Without You,” is the latest single by Pacifica and it is an incredibly infectious alt pop song wrapped up into two minutes and thirty-four seconds.

The song is built upon a relentless beat with the kick continually pushing the song forward at full pelt. The bass guitar throbs beneath the mix. These two elements lay an incredibly solid foundation for the other instrumentation and vocals to build upon.

The tune is padded by an electric guitar, which gives the music a great raw and gritty quality. Particularly mesmerising are the lead guitar arpeggios. The song’s guitar solo, which brings the energy to a crescendo and leaves the listener wanting more, is a satisfying ending.

The vocals are also really well done. The duo’s ability to complement one another and switch between lead and background vocals results in a rich, complete sound. The performance of both is cool and suits the music perfectly.

With or Without You” is a great song that brilliantly encapsulates what an alt pop song should be. It is catchy, fun, and has a gritty nature mixed in with the polish. Definitely one to check out.