Whilst the mid-week woes are doing the most to beat us down, Gwyn Love – armed with soul-drenched vocals and synth-peppered hooks – negates the negativity with their infectious new single, “luv 2 the beat”. At once a love ballad and house anthem, the pop-powered track offers a carefree narrative on all things flirty — imminently dropping us into a bass-heavy beat that commands dance floor energy. Empowering, addictive and euphoric, “luv 2 the beat” is a slice of sexual fantasy and escapism, where inhibitions are banned and a good time awaits.

The artist explains further on the single, “’luv 2 the beat’ is a song about sexual freedom. It has taken me so long to feel comfortable talking about that, especially coming from a religious household. This song has become my queer anthem and represents freedom and fun!”

Proving that they are by no means slowing down after an explosive debut in 2020, all eyes are on Gwyn Love and their insatiable ability to write about love without playing with our heartstrings.

To stream “luv 2 the beat” now, head below…