UK-based singer-songwriter James Leonard Hewitson arrives on our blog with his unique brand of retro-infused indie rock. His latest track, “Fill My Head With Sugar,” is a song about watching too much TV.

Over the course of the pandemic, many of us became acquainted with our televisions– or, more specifically, sitcoms that we found ourselves again binge-watching. And there’s no shame in that– according to the music of Hewitson, it makes perfect sense. For this very reason, “Fill My Head With Sugar” completely resonates with us, especially as it opens up with the lyrics: “Here I go again… I give myself to Jennifer Aniston…” You can practically hear the self-loathing tinge in his voice as he describes the TV-coma that these ‘friends’ put him in. And whether you’re guilty of indulging in mindless television every night as you drift to sleep, or you know what day of the week it is by which show is on, we can all agree that these programs, indeed, fill our heads with sugar.

These playfully melancholic lyrics are set against a backdrop of nostalgically-flavored music that will cause you to fall right into its sweet-tasting trap. The track embodies the idea by which many of us live and the hill on which we’d willfully die: the best plans are those that have been canceled, just give us a TV so we can all rest eternally. The refrain is bound to become permanently lodged inside of your head, much the same as your favorite lines from your favorite episodes, whether its Friends from the first verse, BoJack Horseman from the second, or another, and so on, forever– or at least until the end of this vibey guitar solo.