OKTOBER once again joins us on the blog with her new single, “I Really Need A Friend,” the second song from her upcoming EP, Everyone’s Sorry. This queer artist from Kaiserslautern originally won us over with her previous track, “Love’s The Hardest Part,” and if she keeps telling these truths that deeply impact us, we have a feeling that her EP is going to become a mainstay at UpToHear HQ.

Much like her previous offering, OKTOBER has completely peeled back all the excess skin from “I Really Need A Friend,” revealing the bare heart of her storytelling. And by the time we ultimately get to this point of longing for someone, who are we if nothing more than a stripped-back version of our former selves? This song is the gut-wrenching soundtrack to sheer loneliness, the pit in which we often find the music that later serves as a lifeboat.

As soon as the track embarks on its sparsely recorded course, we are brought into OKTOBER’s distress as she sends her beacon out into the world. “I Really Need A Friend” is a message in a bottle via a lone piano and a desperate voice. The harmonies briefly offer some resolve, and for a moment we have hope that the isolation shall pass, but they are gone like waves in this sea of complete despair. With little more than her voice and a piano, OKTOBER reaches deep inside the souls of all who hear, so what are you waiting for? Press play.