Small Million‘s “Burnout” is a dreamy and dynamic pop song that captures the essence of the feminine urge to break free from a stagnant and selfish relationship.

A deep bass line sets a dark tone to this song. A rich and luscious soundscape is produced by the guitar riffs dancing over the top of the solid foundation. Throughout the entire song, the kick drum pulses like a heartbeat, giving the track a sense of intensity and forward motion. The song’s percussion builds in intensity over time before fading off during the verse sections, providing a dynamic ebb and flow that keeps the listener engaged. The drum’s rolls and fills create a really awesome texture.

As the song progresses, the guitar adds more layers, subtly blending in and out of the mix and enhancing the track’s overall driving rhythm. The song’s final section sees the vocal growing dynamically and the percussion becoming more complex, creating a satisfying crescendo. The female vocal is full of personality and wonderfully conveys the frustration and determination of the lyrics. The repeating vocal “ahh” sounds also create a really great hook to the song and remind me of Grimes.