To be quite honest, when we first heard “jump,” the latest single from Anna Hauss, we could not believe that she was not already famous. However, after some mediocre detective work, we found that her previous track, “I Can’t Remember Love,” was featured on the Netflix hit, The Queen’s Gambit, so we wouldn’t be too surprised if you’ve already heard of her.

Channelling the sweet vibes of Feist, Joan As Police Woman, and Lianne La Havas, “jump” is a fantastic modern addition to the singer-songwriter genre. It begins with muted guitar strokes and Hauss’ confident vocal, setting the meter for this upbeat song of the indie pop variety. There is a tinge of melancholy in her voice as she delivers the lyrics, but the lo-fi drums and bass that shortly arrive keep the listener from going over that ledge.

jump” is full of many treasures, one of which is the retro style guitar that lines its soundscape with vibrant licks. Its tone is completely on point and will likely have many guitar slingers attempting to dial in the sound on their pedalboards (we detect a bit of vibrato and tremolo, if you’d like to start there). Another sweet gem is, of course, the vocal arrangement– especially at about two minutes deep, when the background vocals appear behind the main, which Hauss has slyly accentuated with some doubles.

The first half of “jump” will reel you right in, but the second half is where much of the production magic happens. And you can either take our word for it, or press play like you were going to do in the first place.