La Faute‘s latest release, “The Crown,” is a beautifully haunting, dark and full of beautiful tones.

The song starts with a sci-fi movie spoken word sample. The arrangement of the song is wonderfully minimalistic, with only a few elements sharing the stage with the wonderful voice of La Faute. The song has a drum beat and pulse of a bass for some sections, but it is the delicate use of piano and sustained guitar tones that paint the atmospherics of the track. The song has a real dreamlike ambience and is full of reflective tones.

It is the excellent vocal performance in “The Crown” that, for me, really shines. La Faute’s voice is gently expressive, exuding a sense of wonder and longing that is ideal for the song’s hazy mood.

The lyrics, which explore memories, ghosts, and the possibility that they might be identical, are equally intriguing. The song was inspired by a dream in which La Faute saw a deceased loved one as a living person who was upset with them for forgetting their birthday. The haunting lyrics also touch on the sensation of déjà vu and memories that seem to be repeating themselves.