Canadian psychedelic rock outfit Meltt have just released the gloriously uplifting “Do You Ever Wonder.”

The song is a dreamy psychedelic track build on a solid, disco drum beat and a lush, pulsing bass line. The song is given a really warm and vibrant sound, mainly through the use of shimmering synths that beautifully pad the song. The clean guitar, for me, is a highlight. Not only do the reverberated tones give the song an ethereal quality, but they also nicely groove and riff, locking in tight with the driving drum beat. The musicianship is rock-solid.

The vocals are delicate and sweet, perfectly complementing the trippy feel of the tune. Falsetto notes are reached with ease. The whole performance enhances the songs otherworldly atmosphere. The track’s ethereal feel is enhanced further by the backup vocals that feel almost like they are howling beautifully in the background.

The song’s message is about emancipating yourself from social restrictions and discovering your true self. The chorus explores the anxieties associated with seeing time pass by and encourages the listener to stop wasting time and take charge of their lives.