Meadowlark have once again found themselves on our blog– this time, with their new track, “I Want Love (Like I Give My Love).” This distressful song begins with the soft sounds of some gentle piano chords spread across the top of a cinematic canvas, effectively setting the stage for what is to be one the most heart-wrenching of musical masterpieces. “I Want Love (Like I Give My Love)” is an indie folk number “for those in a relationship not meeting their needs and losing themselves in the process.”

Distant percussion sets the pace as the soft vocal begins, detailing the price that your soul ends up paying in a dying relationship: “I feel like a wound left behind, saying ‘that’s alright… that’s alright… that’s alright…’” The song is intentionally left sparse, perhaps to mirror how depleted one can feel when experiencing a love less than they deserve, but possibly too afraid to ask more of their partner. And then the refrain acts as a plea to the universe, a prayer for reciprocation.

The bottom line is that no one wants to feel this way, but “I Want Love (Like I Give My Love)” becomes a lifejacket for those who’ve grown tired of treading water in a shitty relationship. Over time, we’ve realized that there’s no amount of pain that has not been described though music, and this song will hold you gently as you fall asleep, keeping you company in the darkness: “And even with a mouth full of cyanide, we say good night…”