UK-based Niall Summerton‘s latest track, “Oh, To Waste My Time!!,” is a warm and soothing song that offers a blissful respite from anxiety and seasonal depression after a long winter.

The song opens with and continues throughout with a lush, mellow vibe. This is beautifully created by clean guitar tones and acoustic guitar. The tempo of the song simply adds to that dreamy sound. Slide guitar is also present in places, adding to the great atmosphere of the song, while the percussion and bass beautifully complement the lazy, dreamy, and warm feel of the track. It is also a nice texture that adds a real touch of class to the arrangement.

Summerton’s vocals are soft and have a good, lazy feel to them, perfectly complementing the relaxed mood of the song. The artist’s personal connection to the song is clear when he says that it was one of his first compositions for his debut album, What Am I Made Of? Writing it allowed him to vent his anxiousness and his repressed seasonal depression.

Although the day of recording was hectic, the joyful memory of that moment is captured in the song’s peaceful mood and dreamy tone. “Oh, To Waste My Time!” is a playful statement that conveys the artist’s wish to avoid feeling unmoving and stationary.