LA-based FloraNova have just released “Joyride,” a deliciously mellow track with a great, lo-fi vibe.

The song starts with whistling and lo-fi guitar tones that brilliantly add a touch of warmth, instantly placing the listener in a state of relaxation and ease. A tape-stop effect then kicks in to allow the main groove to start. The lo-fi guitar proceeds to contribute to the song’s melody, as drums push the production along and a pulsating bass provides our ears with a solid foundation. As the song progresses, the guitar becomes heavier in tone over the main sections, building up to a satisfying yet understated guitar solo, which perfectly complements the melodic elements of “Joyride.”

The vocals have a distinctly cool and smooth delivery, which adds to the wonderfully laid-back vibe of the song– definitely one to play while on an actual joyride. The use of reverb adds depth and dimension to the vocal and the use of falsetto background vocals over the main sections is the cherry on top that we didn’t know we needed until we heard it.