LA-born and honorary Nashville resident Space Nat has completely won us over with “PST,” the final track on her debut album, Who Cares What People Think!

PST” hits all the right spots straight out of the gate, with a warmly strummed acoustic guitar that sets the tone for this heartfelt ballad. Space Nat admits that the song was inspired by Phoebe Bridgers, but inspiration or not, her vocals have the ability to hit that niche that we have been loving since the blog’s inception. Her voice is slightly reminiscent of both Bridgers and Julien Baker, which, in turn, makes it reminiscent of boygenius, thus making it right up our alley.

The track is initially quite sparse, with just the guitar and vocal to serenade its listener, but that changes at around fifty seconds in, when your headphones will suddenly fill with the swells of glorious vocal harmonies. There appears to be a synth emerging from the background and we hear the first signs of life from the lead guitar, lifting the song up as though an emotional resurrection or awakening.

From the lyrics, we gather that “PST” stands for “pre-school teacher,” and tells the story of a romance that may have very well led to the album’s title. The emotion behind Space Nat’s performance is quite evident and leads the entire song into a very gradual and natural crescendo– just the way we like it. The rhythm section appears for the final third and makes for a delightful listening experience, especially in juxtaposition to the track’s more intimate beginning.