The most dreamy and ethereal Anna St. Louis announces her return with the debut single, “Phone,” from upcoming LP In The Air, a name most suiting of St. Louis’s gossamer sounds. At first listen, this album is more dynamic than the stark beauty of previous records (not to dismiss either- it’s new and fresh, like… air!); less ponderous and more exultant, and still overwhelmingly gorgeous. And good news for me – pedal steel abounds. Watch the dreamy video for “Phone” here.

On one level ‘Phone’ is a song about a heart yearning for connection with a distant love. Looking ahead and behind asking, “When will we get it back again”? 
On another level it’s about reaching beyond the constant distractions of the modern world to come back to that most special thing, the present moment.
Usually found in the simplest of places… “Tell me how long the grass has grown” Anna St. Louis