Lipsticism – the creative outlet for Chicago-based songwriter and producer Alana Schachtel – recently announced details of their second album Two Mirrors Facing Each Other. Following that news, and hot on the heels of the ardently evocative lead single “Sentimental”, they return with its follow up “Transform”, premiering today on HighClouds. “Transform” is the sound of a parallel life of positivity running alongside your own. A place in which Schachtel’s voice is carried in flurries of a warming headwind, providing assurances of the beauty life holds if you seek it out.

Since first working with digital audio workstations in 2013, Schachtel skills as a producer have exploded. With a heavy emphasis on the interplay between her voice and synthesisers to create something that at times is otherworldly, she stacks layer upon layer upon “Transform” without it ever becoming cluttered. Yet despite the studio wizardry you can also feel her human touch in the snap of drum machine rudiments, and the way in which she allows her voice to linger just long enough after the music fades.

Schachtel describes the track as being “about meeting someone who sees you through a lens of unconditional love and positive potential.” That positivity radiates through “Tranform’s” deep bass pulses and dance floor vibes, creating an alt-disco epic that will keep you afloat when you are struggling to see the sunny side.