We are honored to share “Prism” from Nashville Ambient Ensemble’s upcoming album Light and Space. As said before, NAE’s compositions are a gorgeous sonic embodiment of the accompanying exhibition, particularly the piece referenced below. Bending light, color, absence, space, purity, planes… their music is so ethereal, understated and multi-faceted, that words do fail. Pre-order the album for Bandcamp Friday and I promise you won’t forget it. If you’re acquainted with NAE, buckle up for more of the most beautiful layers of sound you’ve ever heard. If you’re new, LUCKY YOU. Enjoy exploring their albums, and each instrumentalists’ incredible solo catalogs. They each create astonishing works of beauty and when they come together, it’s like looking at white light – the summation of all other colors at once, almost resulting in something that’s so nuanced and altogether sublime.

“Prism” was one of the first ideas that came out during the writing process for the Light Space Surface audio tour collaboration with the Frist, and I immediately thought it paired well with the cool, serene gradient of Peter Alexander’s sculpture, “Untitled,” 1968. I was exploring some new synth tools during the writing process, and this song sort of helped form the new direction in which I took the project. It has a bit more space than the tracks on Cerulean and a calm but steady momentum to it. It’s really satisfying to play the song with the ensemble and seems to bring out a few smiles. Michael Hix