The Cave’s new music is an electrifying journey into the depths of creativity and liberation. Julian Lamadrid, the visionary behind this solo project, has crafted a musical experience that is nothing short of extraordinary. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Daft Punk and Pink Floyd, The Cave fearlessly explores uncharted territories where rock and electronic elements converge in a breathtakingly innovative fusion.

Speaking on the project, Julian explains, “This record marks the first of a three album trilogy, detailing the experience of leaving The Cave and finding The Light. Each album will be building up to an ultimate message of gratitude; a sonic appreciation for the infinitely tender sensation of living. ‘The Cave’ EP is a dark, mysterious, aching and angry musical statement to kick off this trilogy. We are stuck in an echo chamber.”

In a world where we’re often reduced to algorithms, labels, and boxes, The Cave’s music is a resounding call to break free from the echo chamber and rediscover the light of existence.